Frequently Asked Questions

Patent Pending on all Toy Hauler Extensions kits! We carry product liability insurance.

How is the kit packaged?

All Components are Cold Rolled Steel and Fabricated out of 5′ x 10′ Sheets of Metal.

How much does a kit weight?

Approximate weight 300 LB to 600 LB, depending on style. From small to large and varies slightly by size and application. Weight of Kit gets subtracted from total cargo capacity.

Does the kit include everything needed for  installation?

All kits come with hardware for kit assembly and mounting hardware. They do not include silicone or seal for mounting the kit to the trailer.  Also does not include wiring.  Cargo door seals are not part of the extension kit and owner is responsible for replacing the seal. Silicone, seal and professional wiring included with Professional Installation.

How long does it take to get my kit after I order?

Your kit is available three weeks from the time of your order to ship, deliver or install.



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